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The third issue of the IGALA BLOG is out!

I am delighted to announce that the 3rd issue of the IGALA Blog is out! Before I introduce the contributors and the topic of this issue, I would like to spend some words on IGALA9, the conference which took place last month in Hong Kong. I was extremely happy to see that the IGALA community is expanding and that the interest in the field is growing. I look forward to meet the community again in Gaborone (Botswana) in 2018!

Back to business! This issue is dedicated to a very important topic, that of ‘intersectionality’. While this issue does not exhaustively and comprehensively discuss intersectionality, it presents it from two different perspectives, one theory-based and the other finding-based i.e. how intersectionality between gender and age/class has been operationalised in two different sets of data.


The contributors of this issue are:

Theoretical contributions:

  • Jane Sunderland (Honorary Reader, Lancaster University). Jane explains what intersectionality entails and gives an overview of some studies that have investigated language and gender/sexuality at the intersection with other identities.

  • Abigaël Candelas de la Ossa (Doctoral candidate, Queen Mary University London). Her post presents intersectionality from an historical point of view of oppression and social inequalities.

Finding-based contributions:

  • Jai Mackenzie (Research Student, Aston University). She discusses intersectionality between gender and class in the Mumsnet ‘talk’ forum.

  • Clare Anderson (Associate Tutor, Birmingham University). Clare presents her doctoral investigation on gender and age in interviews, advertisements and other media texts.

I am sure you will enjoy these posts as much as I did! The next issue will be published in September. Please do consider sending your contributions! It’s a great way to talk about aspects of gender, sexuality and language. We welcome contributions on specific topics as well as ‘replies’ to posts published in this and in the previous issues of the IGALAblog! To contact me, email at gmail dot com.

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