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IGALA's journal Gender and Language is published by Equinox and has been running since 2007. Its current editors are Rodrigo Borba, Mie Hiramoto and Kira Hall. Hannah DAHLBERG-DODD is the  book reviews editor. Gender and Language is the only single scholarly journal to offer an international forum for research on and debates about feminist research on gender and language. It showcases research on femininities and masculinities, on heterosexual and queer identities, on gender at the level of individual performance or perception and on gender at the level of institutions and ideologies. The journal encourages debate about the implications of different definitions of gender and different approaches to analyzing the production and interpretation of texts and speech, and aims to foster interdisciplinary dialogue. For further information on the journal, please see

Previous issues


The full Gender and Language archive is available from the journal's site.


Members of IGALA also receive a subscription to the journal as part of their membership

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