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Sharing research about language, gender and sexuality

Welcome to the IGALA blog!

The IGALA blog is a free and open space in which scholars interested in the field of language, gender and sexuality can introduce, discuss and display their research. 

People who contribute to the IGALA blog can be at any stage of their career, from any part of the world and write in the language of their choice (providing a translation in English to allow the widest access).


If you carry out research within the field of language, gender and sexuality and you’d like to share it with the IGALA community don’t hesitate to get in touch with the blog coordinator at:

The IGALA blog, in addition to traditional blog entries, also welcomes contributions in the form of:

  • Commentary pieces

  • Research nibs from on-going work

  • Tributes to language, gender and sexuality scholars

  • Media analysis

  • Interviews with experts in the field

  • Video presentations

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