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Queen Mary University of London, 22-24 June 2021

The theme of IGALA11 2021 was Language and the Geopolitics of Gender. With this theme, we aimed to highlight the geopolitical dimensions of language, gender and sexuality scholarship. Our goal was to showcase research on configurations of language, gender and sexuality from a diverse range of cultural, linguistic and geographical contexts, and in particular work that engages with issues of coloniality, globalisation, migration, (trans)nationalism and/or modernity. We also aimed to encourage discussions of methodological and epistemological diversity, and of the broader dynamics of knowledge creation and dissemination in our field.


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Raciolinguistic Enregisterment, Intersectionality and African American Masculinity in the Courtroom


The conference consisted on 6 organised panels, 4 plenary addresses, and 10 thematic discussions


IGALA 11 was organised by Prof Erez Levon and his team at QMUL

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